In a fast-paced world, let┬┤s slow down and start again. Baseville is the home of your wardrobe, the village where your everyday essentials live.

Baseville pieces are simple, thought-out and made so you can combine them with your unique style, celebrating your individuality. Baseville is timeless but always mindful of trends. Our promise is that we will always be here for you. Season after season, your pieces, always.

Sustainable Raw Materials and Production

Environmental concerns are central to our DNA. We work only with Portuguese suppliers with eco-friendly production processes and we choose conscious fabrics and design timeless pieces, with longer life cycles.


Organic cotton is grown using organic means, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. We think of conscious consumption. For you, for the environment, for sustainability.

To make your choice easier each Baseville piece made of organic cotton is tagged.

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