We offer conscious corporate uniforms designed according to the strategy and needs of our customers.

On a circular planet, we move away from the take-make-waste model. We present solutions that extend the lifespan of the resources within corporate uniforms.

We work on lasting design. That align a company’s corporate values ​​with the visual image of their employees. A new way of communicating a corporate culture.

We know all aspects of raw materials and adapt them to the use. We weigh environmental impacts and choose the most responsible and adequate for your company. In the equation we put functionalization and durability, in order to ensure the longevity of your uniforms.

We are responsible for choosing the entire supply chain. “Made in Europe” is a flag that we guarantee. In suppliers that consciously choose renewable energies, reduced water consumption and responsible use of chemicals.

We transform environment & social goals into garments –

We align your work uniforms needs and your organization commitment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


It all started with a desire to ally Fashion and Environment. To combine timeless design with exceptional raw materials. To unite respect for natural and human resources.

Thus BASEVILLE was born in December 2017.

The invitation to venture into the corporate world came from a brand selling point: Why not bring Sustainability and Responsibility in production to create Corporate Wear? Why not combine design and creativity to responsible production and deliver solutions that are fully aligned in a Circular and Regenerative Economy?

This is how Baseville Studio was born, a company of a new generation. The starting point where the sustainable support of your business will begin.



The Future brings new challenges. Pandemic. Climatic emergency. Sectoral and business commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals. BASEVILLE studio supports your company in a 360º commitment with the future, delivering solutions to your company’s uniforms.

Environmental Restorative

We consider the global environmental impact of uniform solutions. Aiming to slow down the consumption of virgin resources, giving time to natural resources to recover and regenerate.

Socially Just

We produce in Portugal, in factories visited and approved by our team. Suppliers with exceptional social practices, with equal opportunities. With reliable commitments to the health and well-being of its employees.

Economically Inclusive

We established long duration partnerships. We grow together. Within an innovative industry, with an international stamp of quality.

Innovation & Tecnology

We are facing a new social boundary, with added challenges, and that is why we have increased the INNOVATION of our solutions to create the products of a NEW ERA: going beyond the conventional, investing in smart textiles offering a range of products with antimicrobial characteristics. At Baseville we work to extend the uniforms dimension. Adding individual and collective protection, creating value also for the customer. We go beyond the conventional combining DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY, both aligned and at the service of HEALTH AND SAFETY. We don’t just focus on clothing, offering the textile solutions that integrate your business.