Ecopack: the challenge to find the truly sustainable packaging

Starting BASEVILLE was a challenge in every aspect, and after surpass design and production phases, we had on packaging another major hurdle to cross. We needed the perfect Ecopack, and not just another mailer to send our pieces in.

This ‘small detail’ was on line to be handled from day 0. However, it seemed mission impossible. How can a responsible brand commit with a packaging solution consistent with values like premium quality, timelessness and environmental respect, simultaneously?


The packaging relevance on a digital shopping era

BASEVILLE was created to be a digital brand. Meaning, the first physical contact with our brand (before our clothing) would be through our packaging.

How it looks like, what is written, the brand logo, the smell,.. All these characteristics need to be ‘printed into the packaging’, specially for the brands with no physical stores. It is the embodiment of the brand and it cannot be neglected.

Having all this relevance in mind, we worked hard to find the most adequate solution. It was not just a ‘pretty envelope’, it was mainly finding something that at first sight, would pass our message of respect for all resources — an ecopack. It wasn’t easy, that we can assure.


While looking for an ecopack, we’ve came across several solution presented by several suppliers: from recycled plastic to recycled cardboard (and even traditional plastic and paper), passing by stone paper. We discovered some interesting solutions, however, none felt right when decision was demanded. Independently on the material or design, all eventually would end up into the trash bin.

We have understood that the problem rely on the ‘single-use’ solution — it didn’t fit with our DNA.

Our solutions

After some research we found REPACK, not a traditional packaging solution, but a service that allows the same package to be used for around 20 cycles. And even though with a high cost, we’ve accepted this ecopackaging has a temporary answer to our problem.

We believe that as a responsible brand we need to do more and better, and has time passes by we’ve came across several environmental friendly solutions, like Correio Verde. These mailers are produced with recycled materials, environmental friendly inks and are distributed according with carbon-compensated processes.

Although not all problems are solved with this packaging (namely the single use), it is essential to make decisions also considering the economical dimension of sustainability.

End of story? For now we have two packaging solutions, one for Portugal and Spain (Correio Verde) and another for International shipping (Repack). However, we don’t feel this is the end. We believe in evolution and innovations, and for that reason, we’re still ‘hunting’ for the perfect ecopackage.

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