Meet our Team

Ana Costa, Founder

Since young age I recall being green on the inside. I’m dazzled by nature and the possibility that our Planet Earth gives us to live. Also, since a child that I’m worried that we’re not giving back: not to our common home, not to others. I’ve decided then to be an advocate for Sustainability (although this termination had not yet been invented).

We’re all agents of change with a direct impact in the Future.

I believe that Environment and Fashion are deeply interconnected. Both of them inspire People, giving them (literally) resources to be at their best. I also believe in the Power of Fashion to create trends that become viral and the need for this power to be addressed as a ‘Force for Good’.

After 13 years of professional experience as an Environmental Engineer, I wanted more. More for myself. More for the planet. I wanted to expand my creativity and I wanted to ally fashion and sustainability. This is how BASEVILLE was borned. A brand created to treat all earth resources as equals, with respect. A brand working 360 assuring you (and us), we’re not creating in the old ‘make-take-dispose’ model. A purpose driven brand. Working on design, raw materials and suppliers selection. Thinking about the packaging and at the end of life disposal.

I’m determined to have a positive impact in this amazing era of sustainability consciousness, and it is a privilege to experience this global journey of fashion evolution (not revolution) for brands and consumers. I do not want to do it alone, but in community. With you. It is the only way we will have the power to INfluence and to broaden the ‘Force for Good’ and Sustainability message. Only together we will be able to create impact. This is #myfashionresolution.

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Meet Ana Ferreira and Filipa Sequeira