We do it for you.
We do it in the name of Planet Earth and Mankind.
We do it for our Future.

We design objects of desire. Sustainable shapes you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
We give life to clothing essentials proving the coolness of an ethical fashion angle.

We believe IN YOU. IN your power to create a positive impact.
We believe that with you, we’re shaping a new world together.

The real truth? We also do it for ourselves and for the generations to come. Since it all started 2 years have passed, and if our drive is as it was at day one, time flew away and we feel it is more urgent than ever to act.

It is obvious for us that we cannot do it alone. But we have understood that we also need to do it in a cool, fun, inclusive way. You need to be with us, willingly, having fun by our side, discovering, making mistakes and no be ashamed to share it.

Fashion is a dream for many, it inspires us to be at our best, to be more confident. It allows us to take chances, it elevates our ego. It is all but rational. It is totally emotional.

At BASEVILLE we believe in the power of fashion to create movements that become viral and in the need for this power to be addressed as a ´Force for Good’.

We promise to work on the production side so you won’t need to choose between an ethical or an irresponsible fashion label. We promise to design state of art essentials that surely will become iconic pieces. We promise to choose the adequate raw materials, the most responsible suppliers and to receive your pieces at the end of their life-time.

But all of this only makes sense with YOU. If you make of us #yourfashionresolution.