We are a purpose driven brand. Our aim is to design the ‘ultimate sustainable shape’ and to reduce the global impact of a woman’s closet. A woman at a time, all shapes at the end.

Have you ever tough out and account the amount of resources that are IN your closet? Water, energy, plant, animal or oil-based fibers? True, all live happily together INSIDE your ‘treasure chest’.

Don’t worry. We can assure you are not alone. But don’t be scared, the most significant impact of a piece of garment occurs at home, with you, in its maintenance. If you a take a good look into the care labels you’ll discover a whole new world, and by acting accordingly, you will increase the life time of your most beloved (and costly) clothes. But we will get to that later (stay tuned on our blog).

What is important to really realize is that our clothes matter and are no more no less than natural resources that need to be respected as so. And here relies our goal: to create with these unrepeatable  resources clothes you’ll fell IN love with, clothes you’ll cherish for a long time and won’t want (and need) to replace by new.