In a fast-fashion era we propose you to slow down, stop and start again. Start in white, black and grey, building your wardrobe confidently with versatile, durable and comfort pieces.

We are trendy, but also timeless. Season after season, our costumer’s will know where to find and re-find their favorite pieces.


Environmental Awareness

Although green is not one of the available colors, it plays an essential role: Baseville’s first line has more than 80% of organic cotton pieces as its main raw material. The search for raw materials with lower environmental impact is one of the pillars of the brand, as well as the selection of suppliers with more environmental friendly production processes.


We’re eager for tomorrow, we intend to explore and continually follow new ideas, processes and textile solutions that fit our DNA, in order to offer to our customers pieces with a foot in the future.


The satisfaction of our clients intends to be the bulwark of our performance. Baseville pieces are simple, versatile and comfortable, carefully designed for our customers, demanding in their purchases and their daily outfit.


Passionate about trends, innovation and the environment, decides to create Baseville when she realizes the difficult task of buying “basics”. Allying key pieces with environmentally friendly raw materials comes naturally to someone who, at the age of nine, was already making recycled paper sheets with old newspaper and glue.


Rua Fernando Mesquita, 2785
Sala 6,
4760-034 Vila Nova de Famalicão

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